Saturday, March 27, 2010

Saturday … we head for the Emu Point Café for breakfast, which has a good reputation for very good food, and conveniently it’s walking distance from where we’re staying … but not one to let a good photo opportunity go by, I convince Chris we should take the bikes ;-) Besides, sore seatbones or not, I already do plenty of walking at work!

Chris orders Blueberry and icecream topped pancakes, I go for the café’s Big Breakfast … without even having to move from the chair, the camera is busy while we wait ...

Below, an open ended tidal swimming pool ...

Even the pelicans find it a useful rest spot ... thank heavens for zoom!

… and still we wait … and wait … when our orders finally arrive just as I’m getting off my chair to check progress (20mins if not more, and the Café is not busy!!!) the portions are generous very tasty and Chris doesn’t finish it … um, I do! Oink! ;-)

Directly behind the Cafe, is more to look at ... Emu Point would be jumping in peak season!

Random couple ...

Today we have the almighty big journey of just 60ks to Denmark! If not for the sore seatbones, I’m almost disappointed the bike ride is so short! ;-)

Without even getting slightly lost this time, we arrive at “Windrose BnB” well before check in … for a change the sun is out (briefly, before it drizzles again!) and we settle at a rough-hewn wooden outdoor table with book and laptop to wait for the owners who are out until 2pm

Hidden behind the trees, our accom for two nights...

German born Anja and Mateus and three kids, with Fritz the big black dog are very welcoming, and once settled in our room opposite the dam, we need to decide on dinner … our huge breakfast more than took care of ‘lunch’!! ;-)

Meanwhile, an afternoon visitor puts a huge smile of Vonja's face ...

Anja recommends a local restaurant close by that does excellent pizza … our hosts kindly allow us to borrow their little Polo car and we return with pizza wine champagne beer and provisions for a light Sunday lunch.

The gourmet chicken and avocado pizza is absolutely excellent (and has re-inspired Chris to pull out the pizza stone at home again) the Grant Burge champagne delicious, and the chorus of frogs from the dam delightful unobtrusive ‘background music’ … Windrose BnB is definitely a great place to stay! :-)


  1. look at that hot chick!
    good to see you hermosa.

  2. btw... I love the "Emu point cafe... japanese restaurant". So aussie.

    (you have to go to my blog and see my last photos, ell. I know you will love them)

  3. paraphrasing a famous ad... where the bloody hell are you?