Monday, March 22, 2010

Sunday "Post Script"

Well, here it is, "THE DAY" has finally arrived, after months of saving up annual leave, months of planning (accompanied by several bottles of red), sober re-planning, and spending a small fortune on gear! New helmets, new textile jackets, knee/shin guards, rider-to-rider comms, and all sorts of other minor 'things' ...

Awake well before the alarm – 4am!! What the??? Oh well, may as well get up … yawn … computer on … yawn … download some more music into the iRiver … yawn … check FB … yawn … 5.30am I hear the alarm go off, the boy is up and it’s time to put the Atomic on … scrammed eggs, mushies and toms, yummm! Planned departure time of 7am is approaching way too fast, and we’ve not even got the bikes out yet ;-)

Eventually the bikes are packed & fueled up, riders caffeined up, now all we have to do is get on and head for the hills - Adelaide Hills that is ;-) 7.30 and we’re finally out the drive and unbelieveably we are actually doing this ride!!! Wooop!

It’s cool, it’s windy, but at least it’s not raining! Yet … until Ballarat gets closer, with it’s seemingly permanent low-hanging cloud!

First rest stop, Beaufort servo, and immediately amazed by the friendliness of complete strangers – it seems that if you ride a motorbike, people want to talk to you … As I’m walking up to the door of the servo, older gent, wife in the car, filling up with gas, says to me “nice bikes mate, what are they?” Beemer RT’s … “oh, they look like police bikes” … I just smile and politely say they are, ex-Cop … “Oh!!! Really? Wow!!!” … by all means go and have a look if you want to, and the gent finishes gassing up and promptly walks over ;-) Inspection done, he hangs around for us to start the bikes – know this because he states it … so I start the Beast, give it a few revs and ask “happy now?” and he grins and says yep!! And off he goes … True story!

Horsham fuel stop, lunch and a “Red Bull” … fuel done, and this particular servo starts to look familiar … and then I remember! Do you recognize this spot, I ask Chris and he doesn’t immediately, until I point out the turn off to the Grampians … coincidently, we’re at the very same servo that the charity ride “Murray to Moyne” support buses and other vehicles use, before turning off and heading through the Grampians!! Ahhhh, those were the FIT fun days of pedal power!! ;-)

Note to self: when in country Vic and ordering a side of “large bowl of chips”, pre-check the bowl size! What arrived was enough to feed the whole of Aus! Ok, slight exaggeration, but we couldn’t finish it!

Next rest stop at Bordertown and another Red Bull, couldn’t come quick enough – getting very tired, weary of being buffeted by the gusty side-wind, the left hamstring is starting to ache, and no amount of shifting around on the seat would relieve it!! Stopping and finding something knee-high to prop the foot on and stretch was instant relief, and thankfully then not as bothersome for the rest of the trip.

Last fuel stop, Coonalpyn, and we’re finally on the last leg into the late afternoon sun of Adelaide, to stop overnight with friends … but we miss a turn off and end up in Stirling ;-) We ask a friendly local, and we finally find our way out of Stirling and back onto the highway to Carey Gully … and a thoroughly well earned beer!

Pics to come ...


  1. WOW! That was quite a day! Glad youz made it safe and well. Looking forward to the pics! Love Mum & Dad.

  2. Ell...just looking at the time you posted your first entry 1.26 a.m. Physically exhausted but mentally alert ah girlie!!! Spoke to Danny during the day and she really loved finally catching up with you. Hear you and Chris (the boy) were a hit with the cats. Hope you don't strike any weather that hit Perth on Sunday. Eagerly awaiting the next instalment on your Nullabor adventure. Take care and enjoy every moment you Wild Hog you.

  3. Yeah folks, all good :-)

    MsL, actual time of Blog update is out, and I don't know how to fix it ;-) But can assure you that we wuz fast asleeeeep at 1.26am ;-)

  4. Personalize/configuration/format
    you will find the time where you want the blog and format. And no one will thing you are crazy enough to stay up until 1 writing. Although it is great for us.

  5. thinK not thinG
    were you missing me?