Friday, April 9, 2010

Friday … a rest day, a big Blog catch-up day (again!) and a day to DRY OUT!! Late brekky, a bit of washing, LOTS of clothes drying, and the sun thankfully comes out to dry the sodden sheep skin seat covers …

A wander down ‘main-street’ Ceduna, send off a postcard, chat to three other bike-fellas headed for Perth … they were from Geelong too!

Lunch … I don’t think we reeeelly needed it but, the chicken Caesar wrap looked goooood! A long stroll along the foreshore and on the Pier to settle the lunch … a Dad (blue jacket and cap) and his 8yo daughter fishing, had been to Geelong and Apollo Bay … What’s with this Geelong-thing!???

As we were walking back from the end of the pier, we hear the little one shout “I’ve got one!” … she’d caught eight Leather Jackets to Dad’s two the day before ;-)

One thing I have really enjoyed about our trip is the never-lacking amount of people, total strangers, happy to have a chat – this afternoon, long-moustached jovial Bill and wife Karen (from Cranbourne) who are also staying here, are no exception and Bill is particularly chatty and entertaining!

Dinner … still full from lunch, do we really need any? We settle for just a dozen Oysters Kilpatrick between us – delicious! We have no complaints about the food or amount of at the Ceduna Comfort Hotel Motel, it’s definitely the best place for a meal anywhere here, as evidenced by the near full-house tonight!

The reason Ceduna is here: wheat!


  1. Hi there guys. I think you might be home before us but lets do dinner when things settle down and we can exchange memories.
    Love ya stories.

  2. Hiya Leaping, we'll be home this coming Wednesday afternoon sometime, after we've had a caffeine stop at Velocino, weather permitting ;-) All going well, we're planning on a photo opportunity there as well, to celebrate the end of our trip :-)

    ... then next week, it's back to reality! :-/