Sunday, April 4, 2010

Saturday … the Beasts are finally rid of their smashed-bug grime from 4,400kms across the Nulla to Perth, and get a wash … can’t help being a bit more fastidious than Chris – it’s a girl thing ;-)

Bags and bikes packed, we’re off to stay three overnights with Chris’ eldest brother – a mere 15mins down the road at Mosman Park … but first to negotiate that much too short right-hander out of the drive! Having already dropped the big girl 6 weeks ago from a stationary start into a right hand turn (my fault entirely, not enough revs to haul herself around the turn with – already committed to the turn, stalled stopped dropped!) and with three days out of the saddle, I’m rather anxious … with revs up, I tippy toe diagonally across the short drive entry/exit, on to the road proper and utterly relieved to roll down the hill without incident! Even though we’re literally just popping down the road, it’s great to be back on the bike … should have suggested to Chris we take the 'long way around' though, the ride was much too short! :-(

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