Sunday, April 18, 2010

Nullarbor, I'm not done with you yet, "I'll be back!"

Our last leg home (Mt. Gambier to Melb) was 'interesting' ... we were both looking forward to and glad to be finally home but, at the same time a little sad for the end of our first BIG adventure :-/

We've been home just five days now but already we've been discussing and planning our next big trip!!! ... I think we're hooked ;-)

There were many places we wanted to stop longer in and explore, but time was the enemy ... so too our bikes in a way ... so in 2011, we're thinking about catching the "Indian Pacific" from Adelaide to Perth, then hiring a Brits van or similar to go see more 'stuff' around south WA and of course the Nullarbor, drive to SA and then fly home from there ... or something like that :-)

But then, 2011 is the year of MY 50th!! OMG!!!! F'n FIFTY! :-O

... maybe we should spend a few weeks heading north instead! ;-)

"Nullarbor Reflections" ...

Our lovely big Beemers were brilliant for the job given (long-haul kms) but they also had their limitations - not all roads (unsealed) were suitable for big heavy road bikes and, if a photo 'needed' to be taken along the way, the camber of the soft gravel road edges was often uninviting, to put it mildly!

Our rider > rider comms: a good start, but too often 'scratchy' and need improving - we'll investigate stronger units that will be hard-wired to the bikes ... Oh! and I need a helmet or bike cam! ;-)

These really were the only 'negatives' about our trip, the other 98% was TOTALLY fabulous, and I'd do it all again in a heartbeat!! :-)

Thank you all for following, I hope it wasn't too boring ;-)

Thank you also to Vince at MotorCycle Motion for instilling a bit more confidence into this Nervous Nellie prior to our trip :-) And big thanks to Ed at Peter Stevens in the City for getting us geared up with all the good stuff! Wearing the right gear helped make our trip even more enjoyable! Big thanks also to our friends in SA, for putting us up for a few nights at their gorgeous place in Carey Gully - to have your support and friendship is invaluable :-)

And the biggest thank you of all - to my man!

Two and a half months ago, I was a "newbie rider on a BIG bike" who hadn't done more than a 500km ride (in one day, let alone consecutively!) prior to starting this trip. Chris planned and 'lead the tour', but had me constantly in his mirrors all the way and full of praise for every little achievement ... I'm nowhere near as good a rider as he is, but now having done this trip I'm a lot better - couldn't have done it without his encouragement though :-)

Sigh ... back to reality tomorrow, to start saving annual leave all over again ... BRING IT ON!!!!!!!!! :-D

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