Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Tuesday … Carey Gully to Mt. Gambier

In the saddle around 9am, and we didn’t get lost finding our way out of Carey Gully this time ;-)

We were all of 10kms down the Highway, when we spotted a Cop bike parked in the shadows of the trees in the center … radar gun in hand, he ignored our cheery waves … I wonder if the white Beasts had anything to do with that ;-) Then a little further up, two more Cops on bikes had another motorbike rider bailed up – I got a wave in reply from one :-)

Rest stop and “2nd breakfast” in the pretty township of Meningie, on the shore of Lake Albert – what a historic past!

The next 40ks of road out of Meningie were a casual picturesque 100km limit, with much of the undulating winding road running alongside the coastal wetlands and dunes … lovely! :-)

Fuel at Kingston SE (does anyone know what “SE” stands for?) before pushing on to detour to Robe for lunch … such a pretty spot, we MUST come back for a much better longer look!

Millicent, and a requested photo stop …

This pic is dedicated to my Dad – for as long as I can remember, there has always been a boat of some sort “in the family”, and a little two masted wooden sailing boat called ”Penola” was in our family for a very long time – fond childhood memories :-)

It’s getting noticeably colder and darker – Autumn with shades of approaching Winter is definitely on its way! The Beast’s heated hands grips are my best friends!!
Mt. Gambier finally, and it’s a lot bigger than I remember … lodgings for the night easily found, dinner at the Hotel across the road of Chicken breast stuffed with ham and Camembert … and we are just a short 25kms from the Victorian border!

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